Please note: The NTAs included here are 2018 NTAs funded in the most recent NEP funding round. The non-NTA activities are demonstration activities only. Over the coming months, additional NEP investments will be added and financial data for NTAs and other activities will be available in late 2019.

The map below shows the location of activities funded by the EPA Puget Sound National Estuary Program, including Near Term Actions (NTAs) from the 2018-2022 Action Agenda, as well as other capacity and project investments. Click on a point to view a summary of the activity in the table below. Use the filters to focus on a particular type of activity or investment, or refine the map to only show activities associated with a specific Vital Sign, Lead Entity Management Area, or Action Agenda Regional Priority Approach.

Please note that activties without any spatial data will not display on this page. For a full, tabular list of these activities and chart summaries, see NEP Activities

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